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Unfinished Business Jay Z And R Kelly Album Zip

Most of the album's beats are reworkings of Best of Both Worlds tracks, and they sound oddly dated. Like Both Worlds, the entire album was produced by the Trackmasters, a Neptunes-lite duo who peaked around 2001 and who haven't been finding a lot of work since. Their sound-- flanged acoustic guitars, jazz-funk piano plinks, rippling clicks-- is so clean you could eat off it. It's the sound of richer, happier times. Sometimes it's effective; they deploy burbling synthesized flamenco guitars on "Mo' Money" and a bazonkers gospel choir on "Don't Let Me Die" to great effect. But they also deliver "Feelin' You in Stereo" and "Break Up (That's All We Do)", some weak-ass bourgie mid-90s slow jam shit. And in 2004, Jay-Z has no business rapping on a track that could've been a City High remix three years ago.

Unfinished Business Jay Z And R Kelly Album Zip



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