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Unwasted My Lush Sobriety Pdf Free Download

After a year of sobriety, I started to approach the Twelve Steps of AA. I even asked a friend to sit with me and talk to me about those steps. This was a friend who didnt really know me very well and who we had never done anything except chat over the phone. I was in my early twenties and not even sure who I was.

unwasted my lush sobriety pdf download

There are two books that I read back to back when I first stopped drinking in 2015. One by Anne Dowsett Johnston Drink- and the other by Gabrielle Glaser Her Best Kept Secret. Drink spoke to traditional recovery through AA and Her Best Kept Secret spoke out against the toxic patriarchy of the AA tradition. I read the two books over a three-day weekend and they helped me understand the culture Id been raised in. A culture that taught me I should be perfect, I should be able to do everything and that alcohol was the panacea to all my stress. Other books have been written on that theme since those but they were the trailblazers.I found Glasers book to be excellent! It did not encourage me to try moderation but helped me see that I was not ever going to be able to be a moderate drinker and didnt need to feel that AA was the only place where long-term sobriety could be achieved.

Try This is by the way, the most expensive of all the book recommendations on this page, simply because it is a policy and formula for recovery. It is the land of ambulatory recovery, multilocality in sobriety, and the sober ubiquity of addiction. My intention in recommending this book to you, is to share the power of unspoken words without which there can be no recovery, in the words of Tara, the protagonist:


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