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Download Quiz Results: A Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting and Analyzing Your Data

You can download Quiz results within Canvas to an external file. To do this, simply select the Quiz you want to review results for under the Quiz tab. Then, select the Quiz Statistics icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

I would like to give my final exam inside Canvas (as a quiz), and then download all of my students' answers on the final (my school administrators want a copy in case a parent has a question/concern about a student's exam over the summer). Is this possible?

download quiz results

Go to the quiz and click "Quiz statistics" on the right. When the quiz summary screen appears, click the "Student analysis" button at the top. This will generate a spreadsheet and prompt you to download/save it. There will be a row in the spreadsheet for each of the students who submitted. The first column will show the student's name, followed by a few columns with ID numbers etc then a column for each question showing the student's response to that question and the points they scored for it. The final column will show the student's overall score for the quiz.

Microsoft Forms provides a rich grading workflow that enables you, as the author, to efficiently award points per question to students and provide feedback in a number of ways. You can export quiz results to Microsoft Excel for more in-depth analysis and charting, as well as delete or print a summary of all responses.

In this view, you can grade all questions for one student, then do the same for subsequent students. Select the arrow next to a student's name to jump to the results of another student. You can also select the left and right arrows to toggle through the result details of the other students.

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For each student, you can see the status of their quiz and number of points earned. If you want to post the scores of all students, tick the check box to the left of Name in the Name column. To post individual scores, tick the checkbox to the left of each student's name.

In your Excel workbook, details of each question in your quiz are represented in columns and each response is shown in a row. The first five columns display respondent ID, start and completion times for each response, and the name and email address of each student. The subsequent columns display total points, quiz feedback, grade posted time, quiz questions, points for individual questions, and feedback for individual questions.

Also note that if you share your quiz responses with anyone in your school, and then decide to share with only specific people in your school, any summary sharing link that already exists can still be accessed by anyone inside or outside of your school. You can delete an existing summary link to disable it, which will reduce access to the response data. You can do this by going to the Responses tab > More options > Get a summary link > Remove link (trash can icon). Optional: You can then create a new summary link if you want to share it with a new audience, but this new summary link will still be accessible by anyone who gets a hold of it.

We have users who have multiple videos with quizzes, which is awesome! But it is tedious to go into each video's quiz results and download the Excel results file. Could we have a way to download the results for all videos in a folder?

As a possibility to consider, you could add it to the reports you can download from the Analytics page for a folder. From a UI / UX perspective, it doesn't make a lot of sense there because there's nothing on that screen about quizzing. But at least it is a place where you can download reports about multiple videos at once.

@David Howard , From what I understand all quiz results are part of an aggregate in one video. How about creating a Canvas quiz report so the total correct answers are imported into the Canvas assignment grade. No need for analytics here. -Quiz-Reporting

Hi Elba, I'll have to play about with some more of the settings, but at first blush I don't think this is quite what we're looking for. We have cases where a professor has 10-30 videos for their class in one Panopto folder. Instead of getting the quiz results for each video's quizzes into individual files, at least one professor would like to get a combined file for all of the videos in the folder.

If all you wanted was the scores, this could be done by going through Moodle (or Canvas); bringing each video's results into an individual gradebook column and then creating a report. But it seems a little roundabout, especially for folks who aren't big users of the LMS. And it seems possible that there is some information in the Panopto quiz results files that doesn't make it to the LMS.

Hi, Just commenting to say this feature would be appreciated. We have a growing number of Panopto quizzes being used as 'checks for understanding' and although looking at a folders data as a whole would be beneficial in tracking how students are progressing.

Score Summary Report - This comprehensive quiz report gives you details such as the names and email addresses of learners who took your quiz when they took it, their total scores, and the time taken to complete the quiz. This report helps you quickly view which of your learners have taken the quiz and their scores.

Quiz Takers' Answers Report - This report shows learners' answers to each quiz question. It helps you identify knowledge gaps among your learners. For instance, when you see that most learners in your class have chosen the same wrong answer for a particular question, they face difficulty grasping the topic. Once you have this insight, you can create a course on the subject and assign it to your class to help them understand the topic better.

Time Taken Per Question Report - ProProfs helps you dig deeper by providing a detailed report of how much time each of your learners spent answering a particular quiz question. For instance, if one of your learners, Brian, has spent excessive time on a relatively easy question, then Brian most probably hasn't understood the topic. This report is beneficial for understanding exactly which areas a particular learner or a group of learners are struggling in.

Cohort Stats- To view group-wise data of the quiz, where you can analyze the number of users from a particular group who have taken the quiz, the lowest, highest, median, and average scores.

When you download test results, the spreadsheet includes the students' names and usernames. Unlike tests, surveys are intended to gather opinions from students where they can reply honestly because their anonymity is protected. As a result, when you download survey results, the results won't include any information that identifies each student.

When you download information, you can select the delimiter type for the downloaded results for the test or survey. Comma-delimited files (CSV) have data items separated by commas. Tab-delimited files (TXT) have data items separated by tabs.

This addon will create a new Results page for HD Quiz that shows a nice table listing each time one of your quizzes was completed. The table includes the name of the completed quiz, the date and time of completion, the score, whether the quiz was passed of failed, and, if the user was logged-in, their display name.

Export Results addon of Quiz and Survey Master allows you to export your quiz results as a CSV file and also as a PDF from the quiz results page and the email that will be sent to the quiz taker. You can choose which fields to export including contact information, quiz name, questions, answers provided, correct/incorrect, total correct answers, total questions, score, etc.

Once you have purchased the addon, you will have access to download the addon. To install, simply upload the addon as a normal WordPress plugin. To do so, go to the Plugins page and click Add New. Then, click Upload. From there, upload the zip file that you downloaded when downloading the addon.

The add-on allows you to export many different fields. Simply select from the drop-down menu the Quiz or Survey that you want to export. And, tick the checkboxes corresponding to the field name you want to be included in the downloadable CSV.

If your results are in a language that supports accented characters, you may notice some odd things in your export if you are opening the file in Excel. If you do, please read our Getting Excel to properly show accented characters documentation.

QSM Export Results addon now supports PDF export of quiz results right from the final quiz results page and from the emails sent to the quiz taker. This means your visitors can now download a copy of their results from the results page or from the email.

Similarly, you can let the users download a copy of their results by providing a PDF Download link in the email that will be sent to them. You can configure this by adding a template variable %PDF_BUTTON% in the email template.

Grade reports shows all the students' quiz attempts, with the overall grade, and the grade for each question. There are links to review all the details of a student's attempt, just as the student would see it.

This report gives a statistical (psychometric) analysis of the quiz, and the questions within it. The front page of this report gives a summary of the whole test. There are then links to drill down into a detailed analysis of a particular question.

The first screen of the report lists all the questions in the quiz that need to be, or have been, manually graded (for example essay questions) with the number of attempts. There is an option to also show the questions that have been automatically graded, which if useful if you ever need to edit the grades by hand.


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