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Test Your Knowledge of World Flags with This Fun and Challenging Quiz

Do you already know a lot of flags? Try a competition quiz with the possibility of ranking in the world results.Each game contains 20 random flags. The faster you can do a quiz with the correct answers, the more points you get.

world flags quiz

LOL. InsaneGeo +1 Level 25 Aug 5, 2022 Just did it in 4:17, previous record was 4:33, I think I can probably get sub 4 eventually ogamer +1 Level 63 Aug 6, 2022 Not enough time for me. :/ dutchie1 +1 Level 21 Aug 12, 2022 the last time i played i got all the 196 flags right but this time i didn't get Gambia, i had 2 seconds to write down central African republic and Gambia, if i had more time i would get it easily taximaxi9 +1 Level 26 Oct 24, 2022 If only you knew about the keyboard shortcut.

Simple. PriyaLuitel +1 Level 23 Mar 1, 2023 Ghana's flag has that same color scheme, but if we pretended its star also didn't exist, we have the harder version of Chad vs Romania. LOL. CarolinaSvechFan +1 Level 44 Nov 16, 2022 I also got stuck on it and just skipped it but got it later. IsleAuHaulte +3 Level 88 Aug 25, 2022 This is just another speed typing quiz. Even if you know them all by rite and the yellow box and image switch instantly, You have 4 seconds to type each country name like Solomon Islands, Burkina Faso, Marshall Islands, etc.

On a lot of quizzes like this, it's vastly better to click "Take Untimed" and test your actual knowledge. It's a quiz not a video game. TheUnableDerk +1 Level 48 Aug 28, 2022 lol honduras is inaccurate WeepingAngel2 +1 Level 36 May 15, 2023 no it isnt dogluvr1997 +1 Level 32 Aug 31, 2022 100% and 6:06 remaining with zero skips or pauses. I'm in a hyperfixation for sure dogluvr1997 +1 Level 32 Aug 31, 2022 edit: 7:10 remaining ZFighter +1 Level 62 Sep 14, 2022 Beat it in 4:16 AncientGaul +1 Level 38 Sep 28, 2022 I only missed five

Federated States of Micronesia - Micronesia ghbilodeau +1 Level 35 Nov 20, 2022 you can use FSM for Micronesia RITB +1 Level 64 Feb 12, 2023 can also use DPRK for North Korea, ROK for South Korea, PRC for China and ROC for Taiwan and FYROM for North Macedonia PriyaLuitel +1 Level 23 Mar 1, 2023 Why not just "NK" for North Korea and "SK" for South Korea? ErenJaeger2005 +2 Level 54 Oct 30, 2022 137, I'd say that's good on ps4. wedgez +1 Level 22 Nov 9, 2022 got 125/196, cool update someoneverydumb +1 Level 29 Nov 15, 2022 100% in 9:18 not to bad for a 13 year old. quandaledingle66 +1 Level 21 Nov 15, 2022 3:44 3rd time completing it, i zoomed out some so i didn't have to scroll as much :) Ethanoridk +1 Level 40 Nov 16, 2022 I got all of them in just 6 minutes an 9 seconds and im 12 ? CarolinaSvechFan +2 Level 44 Nov 16, 2022 Got'em all timed and i'm 11 - knew since I was about 8. isdog +1 Level 47 May 19, 2023 ok. evieisamazing +2 Level 28 Nov 19, 2022 I'm only 12 and i got 196/196 with just 6:34 to spare i'm pretty proud of myself :) Jake01 +2 Level 19 Nov 27, 2022 194/196, started studying flags about a year ago Jake01 +2 Level 19 Dec 1, 2022 finally got 196 with 2:48 to spare! latedyd +4 Level 43 Dec 2, 2022 wow i did in 24 seconds and im only 5 years old HAHHAHAH im so smart. Figgy +2 Level 43 Dec 12, 2022 I haven't studied Africa yet, but "mastered" the rest, I thought this would prove how good I am, being able to skip 54ish ones I don't know, and it actually worked, made it way more difficult.

The other two were Bolivia and Suriname. They were in the chunk of the Green Yellow Red flags, although able to get Dominica and Grenada from the group, I missed those two as blended in. Figgy +3 Level 43 Dec 19, 2022 I finally did it. Surprisingly Africas flags werent super hard to memorize, despite 54 of them it went smoothly, did its quiz and memorized each row of 4.

Finally, Romania has Cobalt Blue in their flag, while Chad has Indigo Blue. Thus, Chad's flag has a darker shade of blue. PriyaLuitel +1 Level 23 Jan 22, 2023 By the way, future me here, I did it timed and did it in 8:30. RJG +1 Level 53 Feb 16, 2023 These quizzes never give enough time isdog +1 Level 47 May 19, 2023 As long as you have good eyesight, you should be able to see a difference brianmay +1 Level 20 Feb 1, 2023 189 MfundoNkambule +1 Level 36 Feb 10, 2023 I always kept in mind that Nepal is the only nation with a flag that is not in a square PriyaLuitel +1 Level 23 Mar 1, 2023 My parents are from Nepal, so is it weird I learned it from memory before learning that? CofInc +1 Level 20 Feb 13, 2023 African flags are the hardest 100% RJG +1 Level 53 Feb 16, 2023 189/196 AND ONLY GOT 4 POINTS, WHAT A SWIZZ. FrodoBaggins +1 Level 72 Feb 21, 2023 When I was a kid, we often had to draw our country's flag at school. I'm really happy I don't live in Belize or Turkmenistan! PriyaLuitel +1 Level 23 Mar 1, 2023 Meanwhile in the U.S. we have to draw a flag with 13 stripes and 50 stars. isdog +1 Level 47 May 19, 2023 The USA flag is simple compared to some coat of arms ones. Belarus, Spain, Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominica, Fiji TheHammer19 +1 Level 23 Feb 22, 2023 179/196 Autisticass +1 Level 30 Feb 22, 2023 196/196 I love flags and maps countriesislif3 +1 Level 29 Feb 24, 2023 easy got 196 in 8.25 minutes as a fourth grader lexfelix +1 Level 14 Feb 24, 2023 Yessir 196/196 Jarvan +1 Level 19 Feb 25, 2023 All of them with 53 Seconds remaining i had to search 3 wich were Sudan, Gabon, and Ghana as a second grader with 113 IQ TheHammer19 +1 Level 23 Feb 28, 2023 190/196 swagflamingo +1 Level 29 Feb 28, 2023 Northern Africa needs to chill with the red yellow green color scheme lmao. I also cannot for the life of me see a single difference between the flags of Chad and Romania. PriyaLuitel +1 Level 23 Mar 1, 2023 Chad's flag is the slightest shade darker with its blue. TheHammer19 +1 Level 23 Mar 8, 2023 196/196 MShukla +1 Level 24 Mar 8, 2023 Finally got 100%!!! pinkysbrain +1 Level 81 Mar 11, 2023 I completed this quiz a few times now but I wonder could there be a randomized version . After a few attempts it is easy to remember the order of the countries . GlassMonkeyCode +1 Level 63 Mar 18, 2023 If you got 100%, try my Altered Flags quizzes. unimp0rtant +1 Level 46 Mar 21, 2023 166/196... getting closer! goofycritter +1 Level 30 Mar 26, 2023 Easy but very laggy and annoying XDItsLiamHere +1 Level 28 Mar 27, 2023 196/196 with time 11:12 EpicGamer23049 +1 Level 54 Mar 29, 2023 France should have a darker blue and Bolivia should have the COA adam09 +1 Level 20 Mar 30, 2023 i love this quiz i got 196 in 14 minutes and 9 seconds it only took me 2 tries then i got em all. SirPhilippines +1 Level 61 Apr 13, 2023 The flag of the Vatican City is wrong, the inside of the Papal Tiara should be white, not red. It has been incorrect on Wikipedia for years, and it has just been noticed and fixed. lexpusloskie +2 Level 44 May 11, 2023 sub 5 minutes woo. 4:55 as a refresher run; I've been getting much faster at typing so that helped a lot lexpusloskie +1 Level 44 May 11, 2023 also a funny way to play is to zoom out the page as much as your browser would let you so you don't have to scroll as much, at the cost of typing completely blind. I got 4:58 doing that lexpusloskie +1 Level 44 May 11, 2023 oops I got 4:21 lexpusloskie +1 Level 44 May 12, 2023 4:18 gabbatard +1 Level 16 May 16, 2023 all of emin under 6:29, i wish this site had a leaderboard sergeantsal +1 Level 44 May 17, 2023 doesnt bolivia had the coat of arms in the middle only one w coukdnt get btw Ghawnada +1 Level 47 May 29, 2023 Dear quizmaster, the United Nations members page retains the original flag of the Afghanistan. It would be good to have it on the quiz too. SeekChan21 +1 Level 20 Jun 1, 2023 Another note to Quizmaster please share the flags like eswatini and somalia does not work when i search up the flag grulldani2007 +1 Level 45 Jun 8, 2023 I did it 100%, 6:03 time used. lolimbad +1 Level 15 Jun 20, 2023 i would've gotten a better score but i forgot about nicaragua until the last minutes. i used 12:06 minutes out of 15 minutes. Load more comments Add comment New and Popular alldeenesfifritnlplpt US States QuizEurope Map QuizRandom Capital to CountryUnited States Map QuizBiggest Countries by AreaMajor League Baseball TeamsCounties of England Quiz

All map quizzes are customizable, so that you can select only the locations you want to be quizzed on. Custom quizzes can easily be shared with your friends or students. Read more about custom quizzes.

As part of the journey towards our vision to make everyone discover how fun it is to explore the world, Seterra has now become a part of GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr will continue to develop and improve Seterra. Initially, Seterra will work just as before, but we intend to launch a number of improvements and new fantastic geography games, exercises and quizzes.

There are 3 modes to each quiz:Study mode: The flags are all labelled. In addition, you can use the help button to show you which flag you are looking for. There are also some hints in the results box when you get something wrong.

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  • Flags Quiz is a fun general knowledge game that tests your knowledge of flags around the world. There are several different game modes in which you can test your flag knowledge. The quiz mode, for example, provides you with flags that you have to spell the country name in a Hangman-style gameplay.Alternatively, you can play a multiplayer game against others from around the world. Moreover, there is a Choose the Country game mode in which you have a flag, and a list of countries you can choose from; the categories are split into continents. For anyone who loves flags and geography, this game is excellent fun!Release DateNovember 2018 DeveloperDenis Sokolov made this game.FeaturesA multiplayer flags quiz game

  • Six game modes: Training, Quiz, 8 Flags, Find Flag, Choose the Country, and Multiplayer

  • A complete list of the flag of nations

  • Simple and clean interface

  • Playable anywhere you go, on the mobile browser or apps

  • PlatformsWeb browser (desktop and mobile)

  • iOS

ControlsPress left mouse button to


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