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The Complete Discography Of Anselmo Ralph: A Review |TOP|

Anselmo Ralph: The Angolan Singer Who Conquered the World

Anselmo Ralph is one of the most popular and successful singers from Angola. He is known for his romantic songs that blend R&B, kizomba, zouk and semba. He has released several albums and singles that have topped the charts in Angola and other African and European countries. He has also collaborated with artists such as Melim, Diogo PiÃarra, Gaab, Lourena and Kataleya.

The Complete Discography of Anselmo Ralph: A Review


Early life and career

Anselmo Ralph was born in Luanda on March 12, 1981[^3^]. He grew up in a musical family and started singing at a young age. He moved to New York when he was 17 to pursue his studies and his musical career. He joined a Latin rock band called NGB (New Generation Band) and performed in several venues in the city. He also recorded some songs in Spanish and English, but they were not released.

In 2005, he returned to Angola and launched his solo career. He released his first album, Historias de Amor, which was well received by the public and the critics. The album featured songs such as "NÃo Me Toca", "Ãnica Mulher", "Mente Para Mim" and "Tem Cuidado". He also participated in several festivals and concerts in Angola and abroad.

Success and recognition

In 2006, he signed a contract with LS Productions, a Portuguese label that helped him expand his audience in Europe. He released his second album, A Dor do Cupido, in 2011, which was a huge success. The album sold more than 40,000 copies in Portugal and was certified platinum. It also won several awards, such as Best Male Artist, Best Album and Best Song at the Angola Music Awards. The album included hits such as "CurtiÃÃo", "Recuar", "Esta DifÃcil" and "Animal". He also collaborated with artists such as Zona 5, Bruno M and Kataleya.

In 2013, he released his third album, O Melhor de Anselmo Ralph, which was a compilation of his best songs. He also performed at the Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon, where he shared the stage with Alicia Keys and John Legend. He also toured in several countries, such as Brazil, France, Spain, Switzerland and Mozambique.

In 2016, he released his fourth album, Amor à Cego, which was another success. The album featured songs such as "Por Favor Dj", "Todo Teu", "Como DÃi" and "Casamento". He also participated as a coach in the Portuguese version of The Voice, where he mentored the winner Deolinda Kinzimba.

Recent projects

In 2020, he released his fifth album, Momentos, which was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album featured songs such as "Fim do Mundo", "Como Se Te Fosse Perder", "Dando Love" and "SÃ Mais Uma Vez". He also collaborated with artists such as Melim, Diogo PiÃarra, Gaab and Lourena.

In 2021, he released a live version of his song "Cê NÃo Tem NoÃÃo" with Melim at the MEO Sudoeste festival[^1^]. He also announced that he is working on his sixth album, which will be released in 2023[^1^]. He said that the album will have more influences from semba, the traditional music of Angola.

Personal life

Anselmo Ralph is married to Madlice Cordeiro, a model and businesswoman from Angola. They have two children: Alicia and Jason. He is also a philanthropist who supports several causes, such as education, health and social inclusion. He has created his own foundation, called Anselmo Ralph Foundation (ARF), which aims to help children and young people in need.


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